Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


We assume that you have agreed to all the term and conditions mentioned. We own the full right to change the terms and conditions. Keep this always in mind that, important information regarding amendment will be informed to you through E-mail.  Moreover, information is collected from you is kept safe and confidential disclose to any third party.


Your credit card information is also kept safe from hacker. All the information that collected from the clients is kept separately in database which has no connection with the internet.

Copyright contravention

If you think that your items are duplicated please inform this data through provided email.  On the other hand, In case your items have been duplicated or there was some rupture of copyright please inform us by sending your name, address, email; a report of where as far as anyone knows the intruding material is found; a report of the copyrighted work that you declare has been intruded.

Your consent

If we make change in our privacy and policy, when you use our website we analysis you consent to the use and information on the website.

Each item is delivered through International Airmail as well as Express Mail Service.

There are following things that you must keep in mind that

  1. Kindly sing up and acknowledge the order on delivery
  2. If you don’t get your order on time, reach us with the order number, your name and shipping address and approximate order placing date to track the order.

Your remarks

If you have any comment and question, you can easily ask because we value your comments as well as feedback. Moreover, you can also email and contact us at [email protected]

Our shipping policy

All orders will be charged a delivery expense, 15-20 business days for regular shipping at the 40$ price. Express shipping price is $70 between 7-9 business days’ delivery time.  There are 36 hours shipping time at the overnight shipping $125. After your payment is certified and verified, it can still take a day to process your order. When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. Shipping policy.

Changes in rates

Without prior notice E-Mail, shipping rate as well as policies can change. Moreover, E-mail confirmation is sent for all effective conveyance of order.

Default shipping address

Your last register address will be viewed as your default address.   If you want to register, you can fill up our online form with new address. You may feed in or refresh your address whenever.

Disclaimer of warranty

We use the information on the website as correct as possible, we disclaim any warranty concerning its accurateness, timeliness and fullness, and any other warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Limitation of liability

By choosing to our website, you admit and approve to these terms and conditions.

If you have question about this please contact us [email protected]