Vyvanse ( Lisdexamfetamine ) 50 mg, 70 mg

Vyvanse ( Lisdexamfetamine ) 50 mg, 70 mg


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Vyvanse ( Lisdexamfetamine )

The information presented in the section on medicinal products, methods of diagnosis and treatment is intended for medical workers and is not an instruction for use.

Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine) is a psychostimulant used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children.


In January 2015, the FDA approved the use of Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine dimesylate) for the treatment of psychogenic overeating in adults (“gluttony during severe stress”). ADHD can be treated by many other medicines.

Lisdexamfetamine – a medicinal product

Lisdexamfetamine is an international non-proprietary name (INN) of a medicinal product. According to ATC, Lisdexamfetamine is included in the group “N06B Psychostimulants, agents used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and nootropic drugs” and has code N06BA12.


In Russia, there is not one licensed drug with the active substance, lysdexamphetamine *. In the USA and Canada, Lisdexamfetamine (lisdexamphetamine dimesylate) is permitted for use under the trade name Vyvanse (Vivance). In Great Britain and a number of other European countries – Elvance, in Ireland – Tyvense, in Brazil – Venvanse. The developer and manufacturer of these drugs is Shire, Inc. (USA).

General information

Lisdexamfetamine has a risk category for the fetus when the drug is administered to pregnant women under the FDA “C” (animal studies have shown a negative effect of the drug on the fetus, and there have not been proper studies in pregnant women, but the potential benefits associated with the use of this medication in pregnant women can justify it use, despite the risk) .Elvanse (lisdexamphetamine)


Lisdexamfetamine in the United States is strictly prescribed and controlled by the Controlled Substances Act, where it is listed in List II (drugs and substances with high potential for abuse, currently in the US medical use or medical use with serious restrictions, the abuse of drugs on this list can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence).

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