Lexapro (Escitalopram ) 20 mg

Lexapro (Escitalopram ) 20 mg


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What is Lexapro (Escitalopram )

Lexapro is by far the best antidepressant for the treatment of mild and moderate depression, as well as for the treatment of panic attacks (PA). I do not pretend to the truth in the last resort, but practice shows that this is so.

About escitalopram (active ingredient of Lexapro) I can say that for today it is the most selective (selective for action) of all antidepressants of the SSRI group (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

The SSRI group is named so because it acts only on the exchange of serotonin (there are antidepressants that affect the exchange of other mediators – for example, norepinephrine or melatonin or several at once). However, this selectivity concerns not only substances that are involved in mood regulation. Ie SSRIs can affect other receptors that do not participate in the formation of emotions, and this causes such side effects as headaches, weakness, sexual disorders, nausea, constipation, etc.

Despite the fact that Lexapro can also cause side effects, this happens much less than with other antidepressants. I would say that this happens very rarely. In addition, most side effects go away after 5-7 days of regular intake.


What should I look for when taking Lexapro?


Firstly – in the first days of admission, it can exacerbate anxiety (and in people suffering from panic disorder, exacerbate its course). This is not a feature of only tsipraleksa – this is a feature of SSRIs. To prevent this is not difficult, you just need to know two things (however, you do not need to know the patient, but the doctor, but the patient also does not hurt):


You should start with a minimal dose and gradually increase, especially for those who suffer from panic disorder. Usually it is a dose of 5 mg, followed by an increase in dosage to 10-20 mg (in the vast majority of cases, a dose of 10 mg is enough).

You can take the drug at any time of the day, the entire daily dose at once. Practice shows that it is better to take Lexapro in the morning, tk. it has an activating effect. But there are a small number of people who have Lexapro may cause lethargy, such people can advise taking it for a week in the evening, followed by a transfer to the first half of the day.


Lexapro is prescribed for postinfarction and post-stroke depressions, given its minimal effect on internal organs.


Considering that on average depression is treated for 6-12 months, I consider Lexapro the best preparation of the first choice, with its minimal side effects, impact on internal organs and high efficiency in the treatment of depression. Patients who take escitalopram usually say they do not feel his admission, i.e. there is a feeling that the state of health improves on its own. and this is good. It’s good that the mood is better, but the liver does not hurt, the patient does not storm, does not bring down from intolerable drowsiness, there are no constipation and digestive disorders.


Of course, there are disadvantages:


for the treatment of severe depression it does not reach its capacity,


the cost of Lexapro is quite high, especially given the duration of treatment (despite the fact that branded drugs are always better than copyists in quality, now there is a cylinelean gyneerik, also of good quality, a cheaper drug is Escitalopram TEVA).

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