About Us

About Us

About Our Company


Our Vision:

To help people get right and quality medication with confidentially.

Our Mission:

To assist community in a way that customer can buy online medication safely without any fear of scamming or privacy issues and delivering medication on time so people can live healthy life and enjoy.

We stared pharmacy store in 2012. We have a pharmacy store in New York, USA. We received many request to open online pharmacy so we have started this service now. Many people were looking for medications without prescription because they don’t have insurance or can’t afford to visit doctor every month and there are many who have severe pain, disability or just came out from surgery they cannot go to stores to buy medication and then there are some old age people who need medications to be delivered at home without any problem.

We analyzed industry; issues and legislation. We make a comprehensive research about online medication without prescription. Basic issue is there are many scammers who send fake pills or just take money and deliver nothing. Then there is privacy issue. We found many people were scammed with credit cards like their data were sold out to hackers and they lost a lot of money.  So we try to resolve these issues first. You can check our policy by clicking on Privacy Policy.

You can also check about payment security the only way feds cannot trace about you buying online medication. Click on Why Bitcoins

You can also visit our shipping Policy.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us [email protected]